Thursday, September 6, 2012

so umm.. im good in disappearing aren't i? IKR! i know right??

so okay hey u lovely unicorns. i love the word unicorns because it reminds me of impossible dream and colors and rainbows and pretty things and girly things.. p/s: i feel like a man! koz i feel so handsome. lol!

semester 1 year 3! hollaa to senior year-not-quite-yet! lol! hmm.. 2 years had been a struggle but one thing for sure.. i wanna get out of this place so bad. i wanna raduate soon and work and have money and buy things i want!

i have a dream of making lotsa money ( i know everyone does) and just get lost in some cities any place unknown. i just couldnt help it that i like adventure so much.

when i say adventure, its not a creepy roller coaster thing koz i hate that. i hate haunted house as well. anything that involves jumping from the hight place, fast moving thing and ghost! im good and i'll pass. lol!

i love waterfalls, jungles, swimming, and see new things. the only thing that gets in the way now is MONEY! and TIME! because im still a student and i need to keep that as my priors.

HOWEVER, my dad! he's awesome. he's willing to fund me for a cheapskate trip to some rural areas in sarawak itself. i barely need rm300 and yes dat includes accommodations and transportations. i believe its a bout the people u know. :DDD thanks dad! love yahh!

life has been different now. i feel like more rational than before ; maybe because im gettin older. im totally standing at very different direction from what i am when i started this blog back in.. when? i cant remember. hahaha.. nyways! the point is.. I AM DIFFERENT in DA SAME WAY.

love lifes? still revolves around. not exciting much. maybe because we've been on and off and its been to long with no directions. yes! love cannot be the only basis for relationship because love fades if u doesnt put some compose and water them everyday! sad to say.

okay cut the crap. the point is.. IM BORED. :)

and uh.. here's some of the picture from my super cheap escapade expedition.. enjoy!!

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